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Golf Swing Prescription is the Premier Golf Training Center of the Future in Orange County.  We are your solution for Golf Lessons in South Orange County.  What separates us from the competition is our perspective on golf improvement. Historically, golfers have gone to their local pro for a “One and Done” type lesson. Usually this consisted of a number of “tips or bandaids” given by the pro to the student with multiple areas of attention. Normally the student would leave the lesson overwhelmed with information to go practice on their own and sometimes confused. Does this sound familiar? If personal trainers or nutritionists did this with their clients, they would have very few success stories.

Golf Training Center

Latest Feedback Devices for your learning

Personal trainers keep you accountable by being their each week with you to help you train your form correctly. Nutritionists recommend specific eating habits and then check in with you each week to see how you did with your weight goals and make adjustments to your program based on results and your feedback. I’m sure this type of “regular training” is effective in other professions as well. Then after your skills are sharpened up, if you lose your way we are here for periodic training to get you back on track or keep you sharp. Like Jordan says, “The fundamentals don’t change our attention to them does.” At Golf Swing Prescription, we consider ourselves your golf trainer/coach. We can tell you what the three fundamentals of the golf swing are in less than a minute, but does that mean you will know how to execute them under pressure every time. Of course not! So our job as your trainer is to help you stay focused on your fundamentals. This is becoming harder these days because there are so many “bandaids” coming at you from golf channel, golf magazines, and your fellow players. Just like all the fad diets and quick ways to lose weight in the fitness industry that don’t last, while the fundamentals of good diet and regular exercise stand the test of time.

After the initial consultation where we outline an improvement plan to help you reach your golfing goals, then our session together each week is focused around helping you train one specific fundamental at a time until we are left with a more fundamentally sound motion and repeatable ball flight. What will happen as you improve your technique is your misses will become straighter, which will ultimately make it easier to score. This never happens like a light switch. It is a gradual process for us human beings. They say it takes 21 days to develop a motor skill for the human species with regular and perfect practice. So if you are going to the driving range on your own not knowing if you are practicing correctly this can only slow down your process and make you more frustrated.

We have a full complement of training aids, visual feedback tools, and some of the latest technologies in the golf industry to help you learn and develop “muscle memory” more efficiently. The skills you develop at Golf Swing Prescription are for long term sustainable improvement. So you understand your swing and understand why you miss. This way when you make a mistake on the course, you know why. This tends to make the game less frustrating, because there is nothing worse than not knowing why you missed a shot. Because then you can’t prevent it on the next one.

Our training facility is here for you to keep your form sharp like a gym is for your body. In our training programs, we can also help you on the course or with the mental game. We want to help you reach your golfing goal whatever it is because that is what makes our day. Go to to check out student testimonials. We love hearing how our regular training has helped you enjoy this great game more.

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