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Now That You Did Your Analysis, What’s Next?

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We have everything you need to enjoy this great game more!

1. Experienced Instructors – All of our instructors are PGA Certified and have taught thousands of lessons. Don’t risk having inexperienced teachers learn how to teach on you. That could mean bad bandaid tips that don’t last or could even hurt your body. All of our instructors are carefully selected by their experience and teaching knowledge.

2. Latest Technology – We use all the latest technology to shorten the learning curve and avoid miscommunications that slow down progress. We’ve had a number of students tell us that one lesson with us is like 3 at the range because of how quickly we can help people improve. This means your saving money on lessons by working on things more efficiently. We also have the largest collection of training aids and all of your lessons are uploaded to the web so you have 100% retention of your training.

3. Fundamental Approach – We teach our students the fundamentals instead of band-aids. This means we help our students swing safely for their bodies and learn why they do things so they can help themselves. As they say, “If you give someone a fish they eat for a day, but if you teach them to fish they eat for a life time.” We take all of our students to the course and make sure they are responding to their misses properly so they can enjoy long term sustainable improvement.

4. Competitive Pricing – We have put alot of thought into our pricing. Indoor competitors we have charge $85-$135 per 30 minute session. We charge $80-130 for 45-Minutes. So we charge less money for more time. Range pros typically charge less money for less time but less feedback. So we are priced to be the best value in the area so you can get the most bang for your buck. Being a small business our focus is teaching quality not sales, while indoor competitors like GolfTEC are more focused on sales. This means they don’t focus on matching training programs to your goals, but rather focus on selling you as many lessons as you will buy because their incentive is tied to their sales. With Golf Swing Prescription, you can be assured that we recommend training only specific to student goals. This means if you only want to fix a slice we will probably only be recommending 3-10 lessons, while if you want to drop 20 strokes we may be recommending 20-30 sessions. Also keep in mind we offer payment plans or you can pay for one lesson at a time. We don’t mind how you handle payment, we want to help you reach your goals so you want to refer your friends or write us a nice yelp review.

5. Video Practice – We offer video practice to insure you are practicing correctly. Many students will have good intentions going to the range with the right thing to work on but when they get their they think they are doing the “new” improved move but they are doing their old move and don’t know it. By coming in for video practice between lessons you can be certain you are working on the new stuff you are learning correctly. Every student gets a complimentary practice for when they are struggling on a particular fundamental. We’ve had students who were in danger of hurting their backs due to poor movements so for those students we insist on video practice to make sure as they practice they aren’t further injuring themselves. We’ve helped a number of students avoid surgeries by having them practice with video feedback on the correct movements.

6. Playing 9 Sessions – We are the only ones in the area that insist on going to the course with every student. This is a critical part of the training because alot of students will improve their technique at the range or indoors but not take it to the course. We go and play 9 with every student to give them priceless on course feedback, so they know why they are missing and correct the right thing to learn how to help themselves. This means our students become like knives that sharpen themselves they more they are used. This makes golf the most fun, because then any time you miss you start fixing the correct issue and see better results right away. No more starting off well and falling apart.

You can now see we have everything you need to take your game to the next level. You obviously want to get better or you would not have come in for an analysis. If you are currently golfing you are already spending money on golf. We’ve had students who went from low 100s to 70s in a year by reallocating their golfing budget more to lessons instead of playing. Then once they got their technique better they stopped lessons and went back to golfing but playing the golf of their dreams.

I hope this helps you decide to make the commitment with us so you can reach your goals and enjoy great golf for the rest of your life. If you were unsatisfied with your first session please contact Ryan Trengrove, PGA Director of Instruction, to let us know what we can do better. We take pride in giving the most golf lessons in the area at the highest quality. If you aren’t satisfied you can request another analysis with a different instructor of your choice.

Act now and contact us by calling (949) 554- 9926 or emailing to schedule your first training session with your PGA Certified Instructor!

Testimonials From Current and Past Clients

Steven Kuhn
4 months ago-
I had the honor of being one of Ryan’s first students. I have had a great experience over the years with Ryan and have referred many friends and acquaintances to him. Ryan knows the golf swing and has the right personality to teach golfers of all ..

Steve Oblen
3 months ago-
A golfer since I was young and primarily self taught, I started with Ryan a few years ago. He helped me rebuild and eliminate some bad habits I developed decades ago (that were not back friendly). Not a quick fix, but a focus on some great …

Julie Lu
4 months ago-
Ryan is an awesome instructor who makes great use of the latest technology to identify the key problem-areas of our swing. He provided me with easy-to-follow tips and tricks that helped me achieve that “perfect swing” that we all wish to have in ..