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Topped Shot Lessons in Orange County

Learn to Avoid Topped Shots

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If you have golfed you have topped the ball. This is one of the most common mistakes made in golf. The reason is because we all want the ball to go up in the air. It is natural to think that if we swing under and up on the ball then it will go into the air. The problem is that this is what causes a topped shot.

Topped Shot Prevention
The golf clubs attack angle is too much on the upswing into the ball so you catch the ball above the equator of the golf ball resulting in a topped golf shot. Here is a link to other golf lessons in Orange County we provide.

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Learn How to Avoid Topped Shots

Too Much Upswing Causes Topped Shots

Learn Proper Swing to Avoid Topped Shots

Ryan About to Hit a Topped Shot

Learn to Hit the Golf Ball Correctly

Ryan Hitting the Golf Ball Above the Equator

Topped Shot Lessons

Like most problems there are a number of things that can be causing this fundamental break down. The great news is that with our topped shot lesson aids combined with the newest technology we are able to help you get the ball in the air and keep it that way. We will help you understand why you were topping it so you never top the golf ball again.

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I hacked away for 20 or more years and then I met Ryan. He is not only a good person, he is a golf guru.

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