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Tiger’s Winning Posture

Tiger Woods Old Posture

Tiger Woods Old Posture










When Tiger Woods was in winning form working with Butch Harmon he had the best posture.  Butch Harmon is all about good fundamentals, and so was Tiger when he was playing his best.  You can see above how his knees and neck used to line up perfectly.  This is a great indication of an athletic posture.  In this position, it would be very difficult to knock Tiger off balance.  He could be on a balance beam over lava and not worry about losing his balance while swinging.  This is what you want to look for at your setup.  You will feel your weight over your arches and your arms hanging from your shoulders in a triangle.

Tiger Woods' New Posture
Tiger Woods’ New Posture

Like Michael Jordan Says, “The Fundamentals Don’t Change, Our Attention to Them Does.”  Butch Harmon always said there is no holy grail in golf.   There are only fundamentals.  So for the rest of your life, you should keep working on the same fundamentals.  Keep doing things to train these skills, just like going for a run or lifting weights.  You must train your body on the same motor skills to be proficient at them.  Above you can see Tiger’s New Posture has changed dramatically from his old.  He has gotten too far from the golf ball and too bend over.  In my opinion, this posture is making him less athletic which is one of the reasons why he is struggling.  What is interesting is that he talks about the correct posture in his book, “How I Play Golf.”  Below you can see him in the posture he doesn’t recommend on the left.  Yet he is in that posture these days.  On the right you can see the posture he recommends, which is his old winning posture.   This goes to show you Michael Jordan’s advice is sound.  We must keep training the fundamentals and that is what we do at Golf Swing Prescription.

Below is just more evidence.  According to this Golf Digest Article, he hit 71% off the fairways in good posture.  This just shows us all how important the setup position is.  How is your setup position?

Valid point. He did used to stand a little taller. I just watched a few videos on YouTube of Tiger in 2000-2002… such a good swing.


You are right, his swing in 2000 was the move he should have stuck with.


Interesting – I like the new posture a lot. The segment you chose to illustrate from his book is from his section on how far the ball is away from his body. In his new posture if he moves 2 to 3 nches closer to the ball he would be in a perfect position.

The neck over the knees is not what he was talking about there


I agree. In his new posture he is too far from the ball. He just needs to get his lower body more underneath him. I know in the book he doesn’t mention the knee and neck relationship, because that is something I use when doing swing analysis.

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