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Our Philosophy

How to Enjoy Golf

How To Enjoy This Great Game

Are you Frustrated with your game? Do you find yourself leaving your round with a bad attitude? Do you know someone who is experiencing this? If this sounds familiar, then it is time to have the right perspective of Golf. Golf is the hardest game in the entire world. It requires all of mind and body to play your best. In teaching over 2,000 golf lessons per year and over 15,000 in my career, I have discovered how to help each of my students to enjoy this great game more. I often get someone who comes in and says, “No pressure, but if you don’t get me better than I am going to quit the game.” As a PGA Class A Member and Director of Instruction at Golf Swing Prescription, my staff and I have helped a lot frustrated golfers get the right perspective and get back to having fun.  We will help you too!

Golf is like everything else in life. A consistent effort on the right skills will eventually lead to results. A lot of people have said to me, “You are just a natural.” I was cut from all of my sports teams growing up, except for wrestling because you cut yourself! I have worked hard on my game every day for the last 10 years. That is the only reason I beat old man par regularly. From teaching so many students and becoming a great player myself helped me understand the most common denominators needed to play better golf under pressure. I also learned the “Three Fundamentals of Golf Swing Prescription” can help players that have no athletic ability at all. Our teaching philosophy, is based on the three fundamentals which are Lower Body Stability, Rotation and Connection. This philosophy helps golfer’s of all abilities continue to improve with regular training on the weakest fundamental. It’s like my instructor Wayne Warms, one of the best teachers in New Jersey, would say, “It is process of elimination until what you are left with is a fundamentally sound swing.”


Double Monitors for Optimal Training

At Golf Swing Prescription, we don’t believe in bandaids or quick fixes. We know that these never last.  We don’t want to reinvent your swing but rather help you improve the weakest area. We want to help our students learn the fundamentals for a life time of golf enjoyment. Like the old saying says, “If you give a man a fish he eats for a day, but if you teach him to fish he eats for a life time.” We want our student’s to learn why they miss so they can help themselves. The three fundamentals are also very simple to remember. One of my students who took lessons from 10 pros in the area said, “You know what you do differently?” I said, “No, what?” She said, “You have me do less.”

Our philosophy is to work on one fundamental at a time so the student is able to focus on one thing instead of many. The beauty of this method is that all three fundamentals can be worked on endlessly. None of us will ever birdie every hole. We are all at a certain level of the three fundamentals on every swing. We use the tools at the training center every day ourselves to keep our game sharp and to keep working on refining our fundamentals. When we have a tournament come up we get on the flight scope so we can make sure our swing path and club face is consistently where we want it. We use this regular feedback to make sure our fundamentals don’t get weak and you can benefit from this type of feedback too!

With the Golf Swing Prescription Benchmark, you can monitor where your fundamentals are strong and weak. This helps you to focus your time on their weakest area. As your weakest area gets better from performing better fundamentals with great feedback devices like hi speed cameras, flight scope, uneven lie mat, etc. you will miss it better. When I give a tour to a new student I always say, “At first our place is a learning center and we are your instructor when you are learning what the three fundamentals are, then our place is a training center/feedback center and we are your coach giving you necessary feedback to refine the quality level of your fundamentals.

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The Golf Swing Prescription Benchmark

Our most successful student’s commit to these fundamentals, which is very difficult considering how many golf tips are out there. I know a pro from Minnesota and he would always buy his members a subscription to golf digest every winter. They thought he was the best for this reason. Then every spring they would go out to play and do terrible because they had so many things to think about from the regular dose of different tips. He was the only pro in town so he was booked with lessons to get them back to working on the fundamentals all spring/summer. If I had a golf show or golf magazine, you would see the same fundamentals every month. You would say, “I already know what this show is going to be about because he is always talking about the same fundamentals.”

At Golf Swing Prescription, we keep teaching and training the same fundamentals all year. This is why people get better and better. Because they are working on the same thing all the time instead of something new each week. We are like a light house in a stormy sea of golf tips. We will always help you with great feedback devices refine your weakest fundamental one after the next until you are hitting the ball solid and straight and scoring like you want. After you are in a fundamental athletic setup, then we will make sure your lower body stability is refined. If you have an unstable base your contact will be inconsistent, but the great news is if you stabilize your base you will make more and more solid contact. So you won’t get worse before you get better! That’s the greatest thing about fundamentals. You will do better as you work on them.

The other two fundamentals are Torso Rotation and Connection. These fundamentals correlate to how much dispersion you have. The goal is to get your arms, hands, and club face in sync with your level 90 degree torso turn. This ultimately allows you to just turn around your axis and the ball will go at your target. This will hold up under pressure, because it is a big muscle engined swing. The best part though is that when you understand what the fundamentals correlate to, then you know what fundamental broke down when you just missed your shot. Then you know on the next swing what to focus on doing better. This ultimately leads to an enjoyable golf experience. Because you will know why you missed and be able to help yourself. You will also be more patient realizing that regular weekly training on the three fundamentals will help you make better contact and miss it straighter. Then when we dial in your short game you will score!

Don’t have the construed perspective that you should have gotten it by now and that you need another golf tip. Get the right mentality in place with our help and use Golf Swing Prescription as your training facility/ golf gym to work on refining your fundamentals. As we keep helping you swing more fundamentally sound, you will have more fun!

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