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Golf Swing Prescription is the premier golf putting lesson facility in Orange County. Our years of putting lesson experience and top of the line technically advanced putting lesson tools ensures your golf putting will improve.

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Learn a Proper Putting Stance

Learn a Proper Putting Stance

Golf Swing Prescription

Golf Swing Prescription’s Putting Lessons

Improve all Aspects of your Putting

Improve all Aspects of your Putting

Professional One-On-One Putting Lessons

Director of Instruction, Ryan Trengrove, decided to work hard on his putting this year. He invested in some putting lesson aids so that Golf Swing Prescription in Orange County was equipped with feedback devices to get better. Ryan wanted to work on his putting because his work on his full swing with the technology at Golf Swing Prescription was paying off. He was hitting a lot of greens in regulation but was not making many birdies. So during the spring, Ryan would work on his technique with the hi-speed cameras and putting lesson tools every week. Because he knows that weekly one-on-one golf putting lessons and other golf lessons on any part of your game with good feedback is the key to improvement.

Putting Lesson Results

June came around and Ryan had his first big tournament at Nicklaus Private PGA West. His hard work with putting lessons at Golf Swing Prescription paid off! He had 8 birdies and only 23 putts for the round. He only used 8 putts on the back 9! He won the tournament! We are certain the putting lessons in Orange County we provide will improve your golf game.

Golf Putting Tips

Just goes to show you that with the right tools, putting tips, the right philosophy and the right visual feedback you too can get results!  One of his keys to his putting was making sure he used his big muscles to make his putting stroke not his hands.  The hi-speed cameras helped him to get the putter positioned correctly, and the training aids help him to rehearse a good stroke.  Now every time Ryan has a tournament you can find him using the great technology at Golf Swing Prescription to get sharp!  You also can benefit from this technology and our fundamentally sound putting tips.

James Renzas
5 Star Review
I have been working with John at GSP for over a year and have improved my average score by 13 strokes – now shooting in the mid-80s.