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Lesson on Golf Course Management

Plan your way around the Golf Course

Learn to Manage the Golf Course

Knowing the golf course you are playing on is as important as knowing your golf strengths and weaknesses. At Golf Swing Prescription, we provide golf lessons in Orange County on every facet of the game including golf course management.

Golf Course Management Lessons

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Learn to Manage the Golf Course

Learn to Manage the Golf Course

Golf Course Management Lessons in Orange County

Golf Course Management Lessons in Orange County

Plan your Way Around the Golf Course

Knowing how to plan your way around a golf course is very important for you to score the best you can with the game you have. If you have a consistent contact and ball flight even if it is a slice you can score with good golf course management. Our PGA Certified Pros have all broke par, which makes them specialists in golf course management. Where ever you are with your game, we can coach you to manage any golf course to the best of your ability.

Talk to your Golf Swing Prescription Pro about golf course management now, and get on your way to better scoring! Golf course management lessons in Orange County.

Ben Hogan’s Golf Course Management

Ben Hogan used to walk golf courses backwards. He would start at the 18th hole. He would stand there and look to see what part of the green he wanted to land his ball on. Then when he decided this, then he would look at the fairway from there and decide what part of the fairway was the best angle to come in from. The angle wasn’t the only thing he was concerned about. He wanted to also find the flattest part of the fairway. He knew that his best chance to hit it close was from a flat lie. Then after he decided where he wanted to come in from, he would look at the tee box and decide what he had to aim at to achieve his goal. He would do this for every hole he played.

There is another story of Hogan regarding golf course management where he intentionally hit his shot short of the green on the same par 3 4 days in a row. He was quoted as saying, “I don’t have a shot that can hold that green.” He made par all four days!

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