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Golf Improvement Process

Improvement Process
What you can Expect: Like with anything we want to learn there is a learning curve. The length of time of the learning curve is restricted by the length of time it takes a human to learn something. You can see below an example of a learning curve. As you start working on new movements it will be awkward and slow. Then the more you do it, the easier it will get and the better you will do. Then as you make big strides in the quality of your fundamentals, the improvement of these skills will be smaller as you get better. Then you will reach the level of your potential and you will want to maintain it.  At that point, Golf Swing Prescription is there as your golf training facility to help you keep your fundamentals sharp and strengthen your bodies muscles needed for the fundamentals.

 Three Fundamentals of One Track Swing Learning CurveThey say it takes in general 21 days to develop a new motor skill. The key to motor learning is to have slow aware practice of the desired movement with good feedback. This way you can see and feel the difference of what you were doing and what you want to do. Improving the quality of your fundamentals for more consistent contact and ball flight will take a little time. In general it will take 7-10 weeks to feel comfortable with the feeling of the improved fundamentals (But if you train less than this you can still be better at your fundamentals, but you may not own it). For Example, If your lower body was unstable and now it is more stable from drills and training you should see more consistent contact than before. You should begin to miss it straighter and more in the center of the club face as you work on your fundamentals even if it feels awkward at first. This information is based on over lots of research and over 15,000 golf lessons given. At Golf Swing Prescription we focus on the “Three Fundamentals of the One Track Swing Method.” It is best to work on one fundamental at time so you don’t get overwhelmed. So be patient. You will go through a period of thinking more about your swing movements which can make it difficult for you to score in the few months or so, then you will get the hang of how it feels. Then take the feeling to the course instead of the thoughts. Below you can see what the brain looks like focused on mechanics to feel. This is why there will be a learning curve as you work on improving your fundamentals to achieve long term sustainable improvement.

Three Fundamentals of One Track Swing

With repetition of almost any motor task, learning occurs, and a person becomes more efficient or effective at carrying out a task. So make sure to set your expectations accordingly. The improvement process can be enjoyable if you keep your expectation level equal to your time investment. The more time you spend training your fundamentals the easier and more comfortable they will become. Once you can repeat the feeling of the fundamentals, then you must maintain them. Like Tiger says, “You are either getting better or getting worse.” So make sure you are always focused on the fundamentals, not band aids. Scoring is based on how you play a repeatable ball flight. You don’t need a specific ball flight. A lot of players have scored well with all types of ball flights. So once you have a consistent amount of contact and a repeatable ball flight. Then your scoring will be based on your course management skills, short game skills and mental game. Once we get you missing it straight enough we will work on your short game and scoring skills. Finally, we can do a playing lesson to assess how you have applied your newly trained skill sets.
We look forward to helping you train your fundamentals to reach your golfing goals. If you have any questions about your specific situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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