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Golf Without Back Pain

Learn to Golf Pain Free

One of the most important things we focus on at Golf Swing Prescription is to help our students golf with out back pain.  In fact, we want our students to golf with out any kind of pain.  One of the benefits of our technology and teaching philosophy is that we help our students make bio mechanically safe golf swings for their body.  Golfers come to us with elbow pain, hip pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain and neck pain.  We also have golfers come to us who are recovering from an injury.  Our job as your PGA Certified Golf Pro is to help you to swing safely so you can enjoy this great game as long as possible.

Below you can see a great example of how many golfers have injured their back in the first Illustration.  Unfortunately, years ago they did not have this information.  Many golfers injured themselves.  Today we train our students to use their body like the second illustration.  Where their body stays more level to the ground keeping their back safe and pain free.  Contact us today if you are having back pain or any pain for that matter.  We will be happy to help you enjoy this game pain free!

Golf With Out Back Pain

Golf With Out Back Pain