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Golf Tip on “Golf Tips!”

Golf tips are constantly consumed by golfers in searchof new ways to improve their game.  However, are golfers taking in too much new information and losing focus on the golfing fundamentals, which have proven to be successful over time?  Ryan Trengrove, Owner of Golf Swing Prescription, definitely believes this is the case.  Golf tip over load can lead to confusion on the golf course.

Golf Tip Magazines

Golf Tip Magazines

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I have given over 10,000 golf lessons and helped golfers of all levels improve. I tell all my students that if I had golf magazine or golf show, they wouldn’t need to buy the magazine or watch the show because I am always communicating the same fundamentals. This by definition is consistent. There is an idea! Work on the same fundamentals regularly to improve, instead of trying the flavor of the week!

I know golf pro from Minnesota who each year gives his members a complimentary golf digest subscription. At first, this seems like a nice gesture. He told me he does this for insurance for his teaching business. I didn’t understand at first. Then he said, “All winter my members read the golf tips in those magazines, and by the spring time, they have so much in their heads they are confused.” He said, “They go out to play for the first time and play terrible because they are trying so many things.” So long story short, he is the only pro in town to help. So he is booked solid all spring with lessons!

Golf Tips That Pass the Test of Time – Focus on the Fundamentals

All year long at Golf Swing Prescription, we work with each student on improving their fundamentals. Michael Jordan says, “The fundamentals don’t change, our attention to them does.” So our job as your coach is to keep you working on the same fundamentals all year. How about that! To be consistent and keep improving, work on the same fundamentals and refine the quality.

We focus on Three Fundamentals to keep it simple while using technology to help you improve faster. Here at Golf Swing Prescription we have lots of different feedback devices like hi-speed cameras, flight scope virtual driving range, countless training aids, an uneven lie golf mat, etc. to help our students refine the quality of their fundamentals. With a simple approach, great feedback, and passionate coaches you will see the difference!

The Three Fundamentals of The One Track Swing DVD Series

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Develop Solid Golf Fundamentals

The other great thing is that once you learn the fundamentals you won’t be searching for something new, but rather focused on improving the fundamental you need training on. If you would like to learn more about our successful approach, please contact us. We would be happy to have you in for a store tour to see the facility and see how we can help you achieve the golf of your dreams!

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Is this going to be the year you take your golf game to another level? Our first golf lesson includes a complete 45 minute – 1 hour analysis of your swing using the latest golf technology. We know that you will be so impressed that you will want to continue forward with more lessons.

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