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Golf Swing Connection Lessons

Learn How to Hit the Golf Ball

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Connection in the Golf Swing is what will help you reduce the dispersion of your golf ball flight. When we say golf swing connection, we are talking about getting your club face, hands and arms in sync with your body’s rotation. When this happens you will be able to deliver the club face through the golf ball consistently facing your target.

Golf Swing Connection Lesson
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Learn Proper Golf Swing Connection

Learn Proper Golf Swing Connection

Learn How to Hit the Golf Ball

Learn How to Hit the Golf Ball Properly

Learn How to Properly Hit the Golf Ball

The number one reason golfers think they “Have it” and then “Lose it” is because they were relying on timing of the club face. They never really “Had it.” They had the timing down of the club face, but then lost it. This is normally because they are not keeping the club face in sync with their body rotation. The most exciting thing about this concept is that when you get the club face connected to your body turn you will be able to just turn your body and the ball will take off at your target.

We help golfers of all levels learn how to hit a golf ball so they can enjoy straighter golf shots and lower golf scores. Most inexperienced golf pros work with students on timing. We work with our students on the fundamentals of golf swing connection so they don’t need timing anymore!

Setup your appointment today for a golf swing connection lesson in Orange County with us and learn how to hit the golf ball by keeping your arms, hands and golf club face in sync with your body rotation.

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I started with Ryan a few years ago. He helped me rebuild and eliminate some bad habits I developed decades ago (that were not back friendly)