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Golf Sand Shot Lessons

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Sand Shot Analysis

Our Golf Sand Shot Lessons are superb. We are often asked how you can work on your sand shot technique when you are at an indoor facility without sand! The answer is simple…

Sand Shot Lessons

We teach our students the proper sand shot technique using the high speed cameras and other feedback devices first. Then we go play 9 holes with our students to see how they are implementing the technique we worked on. While we are out there we can then verbally coach our students how to apply the sand shot instruction we worked on at the facility.

If you just went to a sand trap and kept making the same mistake over and over again it would be very frustrating for the student and pro. Without technology that helps a student see what is going on, learning sand shot technique would be very difficult.

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Advanced Sandshot Training Techniques

Advanced Sand Shot Training Techniques

Mid Iron Golf Lessons in Orange County

Sand Shot Lessons in Orange County

Bunker Shot Lessons to Improve your Game

Bunker Shot Lessons to Improve your Game

Sand Shot Lessons in Orange County

We help players of all skill levels take their sand game to the next level! Our golf sand shot lessons usually goes something like this.
First you must learn how to always get out of the sand. Once you can consistently get out then you must learn how to control your trajectory out of the sand. After you have this down it is time to learn how to control your distance out of the sand. We can also help you with fairway bunker play. With our help you will begin to love the opportunity to display your sand game technique in any circumstance.

Setup your sand shot lesson in Orange County today and begin to enjoy your game more! Here is a list of golf lessons in Orange County we provide.

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I recently started my lesson package with john kasper. I can honestly tell you after only 2 lessons, i feel like I made the perfect choice going with john at golf swing prescription.