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Golf Posture and Balance

Proper Golf Posture

PGA Director of Instruction and Owner, Ryan Trengrove, is demonstrating the use of the uneven lie mat.  We are the only training facility in Orange County that has this great
training aid.  A lot of our students say that our uneven lie training helps them improve 5-10 shots a round.  If you haven’t had a golf lesson in Orange
County on an uneven lie mat, you haven’t lived!

You can see we have a dual monitor setup so you can see your swing on one monitor and your ball flight on the other.  This is the only way to improve your golf game.

Golf Lessons in Orange County

A Tip on Proper Setup

One of the most common mistakes we see regularly is the improper setup.  If you are too far from the ball or if your balance isn’t set properly to start, then you will need to compensate the rest of the swing.  You really must make sure your setup is correct before moving on to anything else.  For instance, the video below shows you how to get into the proper golf posture.  The most typical mistake I see here giving Golf Lessons in Orange County is golfers getting their weight too far forward or too far back in their stance.

A Tip on Proper Balance

Your balance must start out 50/50 from heel to toe and side to side.  A way to test this is to hang a club from your shoulder while you’re in your golf posture.  If the club shaft is right in front of your knee and making contact with your knee, you are indeed in the right golf posture at your setup.  Another great way to check your position is get onto a balance device like balance disks or a balance beam.  Below you can see Tiger Woods in an excellent posture.  You will also notice his knees and neck are lining up nicely.  This picture comes from his book.

Golf Lesson in Orange County

At Golf Swing Prescription, we have lots of training aids and feedback devices to get you into the right setup and keep you there.  We look forward to seeing you soon for your next Golf Lesson in Orange County!