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One-on-One Golf Lessons

Golf Lessons in Orange County

Golf Lessons in Orange County – (949) 554-9926

Below are the golf lessons in Orange County we provide. Each golf lesson is tailored to your specific needs. Come in for a golf game analysis so we can find your weaknesses and plan your golf lessons.

Golf Lessons in Orange County

Golf Swing Prescription’s One-on-One Golf Lessons in Orange County:


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PGA Golf Lessons in Orange County

When you experience a golf lesson in Orange County from Golf Swing Prescription, you’ll immediately notice an ease of understanding about the golf swing. Our personable golf instructors use one-on-one golf training in order to help you achieve your golfing goals.

We take the time to listen to our students needs in order for us to come up with a customized golf lesson program. We help golfers of all levels play the golf of their dreams!

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