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One-on-One Golf Lessons

Golf Lessons in Orange County

Golf Lessons in Orange County – (949) 554-9926

Below are the golf lessons in Orange County we provide. Each golf lesson is tailored to your specific needs. Come in for a golf game analysis so we can find your weaknesses and plan your golf lessons.

Golf Lessons in Orange County

Golf Swing Prescription’s One-on-One Golf Lessons in Orange County:


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This is your Golf Lesson Goals

This should be the goal of your golf improvement and practice. Ryan Trengrove, PGA Director of Instruction at Golf Swing Prescription in Laguna Hills, CA., gives over 2700 lessons a year which is arguably the most in the country. He has given over 30,000 in his career, which has helped him develop a simple and consistent approach to helping golfers of all levels enjoy this great game more.

PGA Golf Lessons in Orange County

When you experience a golf lesson in Orange County from Golf Swing Prescription, you’ll immediately notice an ease of understanding about the golf swing. Our personable golf instructors use one-on-one golf training in order to help you achieve your golfing goals.

We take the time to listen to our students needs in order for us to come up with a customized golf lesson program. We help golfers of all levels play the golf of their dreams!

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