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First Lessons Then Trainings, No Short Cuts!

At First I am your Golf Instructor, and then I become your Golf Trainer/Coach.  When you first get working on improving your ball contact and reducing dispersion you will need new information.  This information should be delivered to you as fundamentals.  Fundamentals are the principles of which something is based.  Golf is like other sports in that there are fundamentals you can’t work on enough.  Over the years in golf, there have been a lot of “tips” or advice given to help you play better.  The trouble with much of these band aids or quick fixes is that they will work for a short time then disappear.  The reason this happens is because they are not fundamentals, so you can over do them.  The greatest thing about fundamentals is that you can’t over do them.  You can keep training and training these skills to help you become more and more consistent with your game.  Like Michael Jordan says, “The fundamentals don’t change our attention to them does.”  In this statement, Michael shows his understanding that the hardest thing to do is keep your focus on the same basics. 

Most people believe there is some “holy grail” type move that they need to figure out.  Then suddenly they will have it!  This is not the case.  I know because I tried everything myself.  The other problem with this mentality is that you will be trying something different each month, each week, each day, each shot etc.  Just by the sound of it, doesn’t that seem to be inconsistent?  How about this for an idea?  Why don’t you work on the same fundamentals every swing?  Then you will be trying to do the same thing each time.  This will cause your misses to be more consistent, which will help you play better for your ball flight.  You will also understand how your swing works much better. 

Whether a new golfer comes to me or an experienced player, I will help them to understand how they are doing in regard to the Three Fundamentals of The One Track Swing.  Then I will start working with them on each fundamental in the proper sequence.  Once we cover each fundamental area that needs attention, the student will have heard all the “new information.”  Then my job will switch from the Golf instructor providing new ideas or concepts, to the Golf Trainer helping my student practice there fundamentals and get the right feedback for fine tuning.  At this moment, Golf improvement becomes like Fitness.  Once you know the proper technique for doing a bicep curl, you don’t invent a new way.  You work on doing better quality reps and then eventually add more weight.  You wouldn’t expect after one training to have the results.  You understand that you must practice the movement each week.  Golf is no different.  Once you understand what the fundamentals are, you will spend your time rehearsing them so you can perform them consistently and under pressure.  The better you get at your fundamentals, the better contact and less dispersion you will have.  The beauty and the curse of this fact is that if you don’t train these skill sets you will not improve.  But if you do train these movements regularly you will improve.  There are no short cuts.  This is one of the main reasons why I refer to Golf Swing Prescription as a Golf Training Lab.  All of the feedback devices and training aids I use are like work out machines to strengthen a specific area of the body or in this case to strengthen one of the three fundamentals.  I often tell my students that I can illustrate to them what is going on in there swing in 20 minutes, but that doesn’t do them any good.  I need to help them like a personal trainer to train weekly so they can improve the quality of their fundamentals, which will lead to improved contact and dispersion.  This approach will result in long term improvement, better misses, better scoring and more enjoyment from your game.

You will have peace of mind knowing that for the rest of your golfing life you will still be working on the same fundamentals.  I know I do.   You won’t be out on the course like a chameleon changing how you will swing shot to shot, getting frustrated.  Or changing how you swing because of a casual comment by a fellow player.  Instead with this philosophy you will be training the same fundamentals and have conviction for how you swing.  So make sure your Golf Professional first lays out the new information to get you up to speed on what the fundamentals are, and then helps you to train them regularly.  Just like training for a triathlon.  This is the road to the golf of your dreams.  Tiger Woods used to say, “You are either getting better or you are getting worse.”  If you are training your fundamentals regularly you will get better, if you are not you will get worse.  It is all about quality not quantity.  This is why the best players in the world have a coach, to keep them focused on their fundamentals and the quality of them. 

Go to or contact us to learn more about how we can help you identify the fundamental areas that need training and put a plan together to achieve your goals.  We are your solution for Golf Lessons in Orange County.  

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