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The Three Fundamentals Of The One Track Swing DVD

Three Fundamentals of The One Track Swing
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Have you tried everything to improve at this great game?  I have.  Do you want to achieve long term sustainable improvement? Interested in having more distance?  Want to learn not only the why, but also the how?  You will get there with this teaching method.   In this comprehensive DVD Series on all areas of your game, you will learn how your swing works so if something goes wrong you know what is going?  There is no quick fix to this game it is all about the fundamentals.  Do you want to keep looking for a holy grail, or commit to these fundamentals for the rest of your golf life?  The Three Fundamentals of the One Track Swing is the Simplest Teaching Method Available Today!  It is good for players that are new golfers or trying to become pro.  This is a simple system which requires very little athletic ability or hand eye coordination.  Using swing analysis software you will see why the Three Fundamentals of the one track swing makes sense.  You won’t just have to take it from me, you will see where the information comes from with the latest swing analysis software.

In this DVD series, you will Learn the fundamental grip, setup, posture, ball position, use of lower body, rotation of the body, use of the arms hands and club, pre shot routine, faults and fixes, short game areas: chipping, pitching, putting and sand.  Also learn drills that you can do regularly to train and improve your fundamentals.  You don’t need a new thing to work on, you just need to refine the quality of what you are doing with the Three Fundamentals of the one track swing.  You will get a number of drills you can do to continue to keep your fundamentals sharp.

We have condensed the content of 30 Private Lessons into an action packed hour and half DVD for you!  That’s right!  The information from 30 lessons for the cost of one lesson.  The Three Fundamentals of the One Track Swing Teaching method has helped a countless number of my students achieve their golfing goals and it will help you too.  A student of mine who has taken lesson from 10 pros in the area said, ” You know what you do differently then everyone else I have worked with?”  I said, ” No I don’t, what is it?”  She said, “You have me do less and make things simpler for me.”  With this teaching method, I will make things simpler for you too!

Imagine what it will be like to understand your swing, stop trying so many different things you start your round with one swing and end with another.  Start today working on the same fundamentals I work on with all my students every day of the year.  There’s an idea!  To be consistent keep on trying to perfect the same thing, instead of trying to start over every time you read an article in golf digest.

Receive the Content of 30 Lessons (Value $3,000) in an Action Packed Hour and a Half  DVD. 

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