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Chipping Lessons in Orange County

Cure the Chipping Yips

Chipping Lessons at our Golf Training Facility

If you have the chipping yips you have come to the right place! We are experts in helping students shave strokes of their game with our Chipping Lessons in Orange County. A lot of people think that chipping yips / problems are mental. This is just not true. I have helped countless people solve their chipping problems.

Chipping Lessons

Golf Swing Prescription has the cure for the chipping yips. Our chipping lessons are conducted by professional golf trainers at our golf training facility in Orange County.

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Uneven Lie Golf Chipping Lessons

Uneven Lie Golf Chipping Lessons

Uneven Golf Mat Chipping Lessons

Uneven Golf Mat Chipping Lessons

Golf Ball Position for Chipping

Flat Ground Chipping Lessons

One-On-One Chipping Lessons

If you don’t have the chipping yips, but don’t find yourself getting up and down from just off the fringe then it is time to address this scoring loss. When us pros get just off the green and decide to chip the ball, we are thinking about making it! This is the mindset of a champion golfer. When you are competent in your fundamentals through our one-on-one chipping lessons, you will be confident over the ball chipping.

Ready to get lower scores and square your chipping technique away? Contact us and mention over the phone that you are interested in chipping lessons. We will put this in your notes so the PGA Certified Pro you are working with will address this in your first chipping lesson. We love helping our students become confident with their chipping!

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Julie Lu
5 Star Review
Ryan is an awesome instructor who makes great use of the latest technology to identify the key problem-areas of our swing. He provided me with easy-to-follow tips and tricks that helped me achieve that “perfect swing” that we all wish to have in ..