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Build a Healthier Golf Swing for Life

Is your golf swing telling you it needs help?  Maybe it has a slice or a pull.  Maybe it’s too weak to go the distance.  Or maybe it has behavioral problems, because it never seems to go where you tell it to.

If your golf swing shows these common symptoms, your game might be suffering.  And since a healthy golf swing is critical to peak performance and overall game enjoyment, you’re not getting the most out of your time on the course.  You might even be searching for someone to help you fix what ails your swing.  But where should you look for help?

In Southern California, you have many golf improvement options.  Are they all created equal?  Let’s compare some popular local choices.

Golf Improvement Option Feedback Devices Lesson Duration Investment
Driving Ranges/Local Pros
  • Small camera setup (if any)
  • Limited training aids/feedback devices
  • No consistent teaching method
  • No long-term improvement strategy
30 minutes $30–$60
Indoor Competitors
  • Indoor cameras
  • 20” TV screens
  • Complex sensor and 3D systems
  • Online lesson for review
  • Video practice (some competitors)
  • No consistent teaching method
  • Not all instructors PGA certified
30 minutes $60–$100
Golf Swing Prescription
  • High-speed cameras
  • 46” flat screen TVs
  • Virtual driving range
  • Online lesson for 100% retention
  • Consistent teaching method
  • Long-term, sustainable improvement strategy
  • All instructors PGA certified
  • Uneven lie training mat
  • Multiple training aids to give feedback and speed up learning
45–60 minutes $60–$100

As you can see, with our superior feedback devices, consistent teaching methods, and unparalleled value, Golf Swing Prescription gives you the most improvement for your investment, but it’s our perspective on golf improvement that really separates us from the competition.  Unlike other options, we won’t slap a Band-Aid on your golf swing.  We won’t push you through a “one and done” lesson that has little practical application and can leave you overwhelmed and confused.  As Orange County’s premier golf swing “doctors,” we offer clear and easy instructions that won’t trap you inside your head on the course.  Instead of a quick fix that can quickly deteriorate, we use precision technologies and sustainable techniques to make your golf swing healthier for life.

This long-term, sustainable improvement to your game comes from understanding your swing and understanding why you miss shots.  Only in understanding why you miss is it possible to fully understand how to correct your swing.  That’s why at Golf Swing Prescription, we focus on the fundamentals of a healthy golf swing.  After all, we could spend less than a minute telling you the three fundamentals of the golf swing, but that won’t help you consistently execute them under pressure!  Our weekly sessions concentrate on training one fundamental at a time, until you achieve a fundamentally sound motion and repeatable ball flight.  You’ll find that by learning the fundamentals, the game will become less frustrating, because you won’t be left guessing why you missed a shot—you’ll be focusing on how to make the next shot hit its mark.  See what our students are saying about how their games have improved.

Enough with the Band-Aids!  If you’re ready to discover the secrets to a healthier golf swing for life, then start with a golf swing analysis from Golf Swing Prescription.  Our PGA-certified professionals will diagnose your swing using state-of-the-art capture and analysis equipment.  From there, we’ll outline an improvement plan to help you reach your golfing goals.  Our unique teaching approach will bring long-term improvement, better misses, better scoring, and greater enjoyment to your game.

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