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Before and After Golf Lessons

We are results driven here at Golf Swing Prescription. We take pride in seeing our students reach their goals and improve. Take a look below at some before and after golf lessons with recent students.  As you can see, we help golfers of all levels on whatever their swing problems are.  So we have you covered!  If you would like golf lessons from PGA Certified Teachers to get results, contact us today!

Better Takeaway

Better Takeaway

Above you can see how this student’s takeaway has improved.  In the takeaway, your supposed to have between 40-56 degrees of shoulder turn to get the proper width and extension.  Most amateurs have between 10-20 degrees.


Fixed Sway

Fixed Sway

Above you can see how the student was swaying off the ball changing their spine angle before our training.


Look Like Tiger Woods!

Look Like Tiger Woods

From a beginner to looking like Tiger Woods in about 10 weeks.


Keep your Level

Keep Your Level

Here you can see how the student was changing levels while swinging by diving his head.  We cleaned that up quickly!


Players of all Ages

Golf Lessons for All Ages

Our youngest student is 4 and oldest is 94.  Everyone can benefit from fixing their sway.


Stop that over the Top Move

Stop the Over the Top Move

Here you can see how we helped this student correct their over the top move.  This is a killer in golf.  If you or anyone you know has this move, we can help!



Golf Ball Impact

Here you can see one of our junior students looking like Davis Love III already at impact.  The old saying is that the backswing and downswing are all window dressing.  All that matters is impact!


Follow Through at your Target

Follow Through to Target

We help lots of players fix their follow through.  We often have students come in with elbow pain from not following through correctly.  We pride ourselves on helping golfers swing safely for their bodies.  If you are getting hurt from playing golf, let us help you.



Finish Golf Swing

We strive to help our students have fundamentally sound golf swing.  The finish is a result of everything else happening properly.  If you can’t finish correctly, the issue is usually occurring before.  If you have a swing fault that isn’t listed here feel free to contact us and ask us if we can help.  At this point we have helped students with everything you can imagine, so we have you covered.

Contact us today and make this your best year yet!