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Founder’s Background

Golf Swing Prescription is the result of a hardworking young man and a subconscious dream buried within him. The seed was planted when his grandfather encouraged him to start caddying at the age of 13. From that moment his love for the golf game ensued and never left his heart even after college. Graduation day came and he had to make a decision; was he to follow his dream or follow the safe road? With hard work, determination and support around him, the young caddy turned his dream into a reality.  Now he helps golfers of all levels enjoy this great game more with great feedback and a simple teaching philosophy.  Click here to learn about our philosophy.

Ryan Trengrove

Ryan Trengrove Golf Instructor

Director of Instruction

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Ryan Trengrove, owner and PGA Director of Instruction, became a Class A Member of the PGA in 2010. He gives the most golf lessons in the country right now, doing over 2,700 golf lessons a year. He has done over 30,000 in his career which has helped Ryan develop a consistent and straightforward teaching method. He also has extensive background in bio-mechanics and nutrition to help his students swing safely for their bodies and play at their full potential. He is typically booked 4 weeks in advance because of how quickly he is able to diagnose swing problems and help students enjoy this great game more. One of his philosophies is to help students know why they miss so they can help themselves and sustain long term improvement. Like the old saying, “If you give someone a fish they eat for a day and if you teach them to fish they eat for a life time.” Ryan focuses on helping his students improve their fundamentals and learn how to help themselves.

Our PGA Certified and Experienced Teachers:

Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson Schedule

Mike Johnson Certified Teaching Professional

Michael Johnson, Teaching Professional, became a Class A Member of the PGA in 2005. He graduated from Ferris State University in 2003 majoring in Pro Golf Management. He’s very experienced as he’s been teaching golf for over 15 years. His focus is making sure his student’s swing safely for their bodies in order to avoid injury. He keeps it simple while developing fundamentals for long term sustainable improvement.

Chris MacDonald

Golf Teacher Chris MacDonald

Chris MacDonald Certified Teaching Professional

Chris MacDonald is an inventor, innovator and golf instructor. With over four decades of golf experience Chris has given thousands of productive, fun, successful lessons and swing seminars to individuals and groups. Some examples of those are: The FedEx Deutsche Bank Championship, PGA Shows, USGA events, Jim McLean Golf School at Doral, PGA Master Professionals, TOURAcademy at Sawgrass, National Golf Course Owners Association, Special Olympics and many other golf industry and corporate groups. Chris has been featured in published articles in “Golf Digest”, “PGA Magazine”, “Fore Magazine”, “Golf Range Magazine”, “Healthier US Veterans”, “Las Vegas Journal”, “Florida Golf News” and many others. Chris also has extensive experience in working with people that are physically challenged.

He joined an elite group in 2006 when he was selected to run the full swing, chipping and putting components for all the participants at Tiger’s annual TWF event. Tiger was in the midst of his world record streak of 281 weeks with the World # 1 ranking.

Chris’ invention, Tgolf, won the prestigious “Editor’s Choice” award from the industry’s # 1 publication, Golf Digest. Tgolf enables Chris to create a unique and immediately positive learning experience. It removes the stress, frustration, humiliation and anxiety associated with conventional instruction and replaces them with a fun, productive, and fundamentally sound environment for learning the golf swing. Chris has very concise, easy to understand communication skills and is excited to share his knowledge and experience with golfers of all ages and experience levels.

Chris is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame.

The Tgolf Telescoping Swing Trainer ( is a new, revolutionary golf training system designed to quickly teach and maintain the proper fundamentals of the golf swing. Tgolf is a tool for golfers of all abilities to develop and refine proper balance, tempo and swing mechanics. It supports all swing methodologies from a position of superior balance. The product’s inherent value lies in its ability to quickly raise the competency of all golfers, from plus handicaps to raw beginners.

The Tgolf Swing Trainer is composed of two elements;
(1) A telescoping tee which adjusts to position the golf ball anywhere from 24 inches to 17 inches above the grass.
(2) A “modified” driver built with an oversized head (larger sweet spot) which is far shorter (24 inches in length) than a normal club. (Head cover included)

The theory behind this progressive swing training aid is both highly sophisticated and ingeniously simple.

The product is based on the concept of the horizontal swing plane, a universally accepted, pervasive swing principle within the PGA, USGTF and global golf instruction community. There are numerous horizontal swing plane drills that golfers use, including the pros on the PGA and all other tours. These horizontal swing plane drills are designed to help the experienced golfer find good rhythm and turn around their spine with proper balance. That is exactly what Tgolf’s product is designed to do, but accomplishes with more sophistication. It provides true ball flight feedback which static horizontal swing plane drills can’t accomplish. Tgolf teaches proper swing fundamentals to the user by reinforcing proper balance, weight shift, hip rotation, and appropriate club head release. It enhances execution of making “circles” a swing fundamental encouraged by teaching professionals. The trainer successfully corrects and helps eliminate typical swing flaws such as reverse pivoting, swaying, falling onto the back foot and “scooping” the ball. The combination of hitting a ball teed high with a shorter club prevents falling into all these poor swing mechanics. It also corrects them.

Tgolf has proven itself in some of the industry’s most rigorous testing grounds including the PGA Center for Learning & Performance.

Brook Tully

Brook Tully Golf Instructor

Brook Tully Certified Teaching Professional

Brook Tully has over 30 years experience as a competitive player in the highest levels of both amateur and professional tour golf. From high school golf in Scarsdale, NY and junior golf to a full scholarship to play division 1 golf at Winthrop University, to 3 years competing successfully as a touring professional on several tours such as: the South African sunshine tour, the Nike tour, the Hooters tour, and the Canadian tour, among others. Brook qualified for 7 USGA championships as an amateur, and finished top 60 on several tour money lists as a pro, and still enjoys competing in PGA section events.

Brook has a passion for improving others golf games, which he has been doing for many years. In the last three years, he has decided to officially become a PGA member, and as an apprentice has been an assistant and head professional teaching all levels of players. He focuses on developing proper and sustainable fundamentals that will provide the foundation to consistently improve and swing anatomically correctly to avoid injury and ensure longer and pain-free enjoyment of your game. And, with his extensive competitive background, he very well understands how to coach to overcome challenges both physical, mental, and scoring specific to achieve lower scores, which is what we all want. Brook will teach in a way that will allow the student to understand their innate flaws and tendencies intimately, allow them to have a clear idea of the plan and specific changes to be accomplished, and to self diagnose through the process eliminating the confusion caused by poor shots- all in support of helping each student achieve their golf goals sustainably.

Core Services

Golf Swing Prescription is a state of the art, golf training facility utilizing some of the latest technologies in the golf industry to help our clients achieve their goals. The thing that sets GSP apart from the competition is the simplicity of our method. We teach “The Three Fundamentals of the One Track Swing.” Each fundamental helps our clients achieve their ball contact and ball flight desires. Like Michael Jordan says, “The fundamentals don’t change. Our attention to them does.” Our mission is to help you stay focused on your fundamentals in order for you to enjoy the game more.