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A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words of Feedback

When we at Golf Swing Prescription, Orange County’s Premier Golf Training Center, say we have every available feedback device and training aid on the market, we mean it.  From the latest in video-capture technology, to the highest quality golf balls, to a library of books dating back to the 1930s, we have the tools to help any student improve any area of the game.

You might ask, “I get the technology stuff, but books from the Great Depression era…?”  Well, yes (and yes, people did golf back then). Golf improvement isn’t just about the latest and greatest technology, although that certainly helps.  Some things never change, such as the three basic fundamentals of the golf swing, which is our focus here at Golf Swing Prescription—getting back to the basics. Mastering the fundamentals is the most reliable and sustainable way for you to improve your golf game.  You see, we won’t just throw technology at you and expect improvement.  We’re ready with support for exactly why we’re teaching you what we are, and why it’s going to work.  And we’re not afraid to bust out a little Harry Vardon or Ben Hogan to do it.

So now that we’ve explained the basics, how about we introduce you to some of our more unique feedback devices—the ones you’re also not likely to see from our competitors?

It all starts when you come in for your initial golf swing analysis.  We use V1 Pro swing analysis software, including high-speed cameras and video, to diagnose and communicate the fundamentals that need attention.


V1 Pro Analysis Software

V1 Pro Analysis Software

We’ll turn your unique session into a web movie with personalized commentary on your before and after swings, complete with side-by-side video action.  This initial analysis will become the foundation for your training on the fundamentals moving forward, and your road map to a better golf game.

Our students say – From Tim, tired of the quick fixes offered by other golf improvement options, who went back to the basics at Golf Swing rescription: “By Ryan analyzing the video of my swing, he showed me graphically why my ball would hook, slice, pull, or push, and what was
happening with my swing to cause the mishit. …‘one picture is worth a thousand words.’  I actually am able to correct out on the golf
course when I start missing.”

The training in our virtual driving range continues with FlightScope, a state-of-the-art tool that uses 3D Doppler radar technology to analyze your golf swing.  That’s right—the Doppler radar is not just for weathermen anymore!

Flight Scope

Flight Scope

We won’t overwhelm you with the technical stuff, but this tool helps us learn a lot about your golf swing in real-time on our 46-inch flat screens.  With FlightScope, we can monitor the ball flight, club head speed, launch angle, and spin rate resulting from each swing you take.  And what’s best—the results of your swing are available immediately for you to understand what you’d like to repeat and what you’d like to work on.

Our students say – From John, a long-time golfer who recently completed a series of Golf Swing Prescription training sessions: “…having the video technology so I can actually see what I am feeling [has] completely revamped my entire swing. Now when my shots are off line, I know my swing and how to make the necessary changes.”  After his most recent lesson, John shot a 78 (with an 11 handicap) and got his first hole-in-one!

Sometimes the best training aids have no connections to a camera or a computer.  They are simple but effective, like the jewel in our crown—the only one of its kind in the area—our custom-made uneven lie golf mat.

Uneven Lie Golf Mat

Uneven Lie Golf Mat

Golf Swing Prescription is one of the few operations in the country to utilize this type of training aid.  With this special mat, players of all levels can practice hitting shots on uneven lies.  The mat can be rotated to suit each player’s needs: hitting uphill, downhill, with the ball above their feet, or with the ball below their feet.  Working with this tool can help you overcome one of the basic rules of uneven lies—not letting the lie intimidate you!  While you learn to fearlessly conquer the uneven lie, you will work on areas such as shoulder positioning, swinging with the slope, and follow through.

…it’s all part of the improvement process.   And as with learning anything new, there is a learning curve!  That learning curve dictates the time it will take you to improve your game—and that’s where we help by providing you with a customized road map to a better golf game.  After your initial consultation, we’ll provide you with your road map: a diagnostic sheet that rates you on the three fundamentals, breaks down each area of training, shows what arts need improvement, and tells you how many training sessions it will take to get you there.  No other golf improvement option in the area offers this level of detailed diagnosis.

After you get our recommendations, what happens next?  Well,

1) you could decide to postpone training toward your golfing goals, and that’s OK—we’ll keep your road map on file until you’re ready;

2) you could decide how often you want to train and pay as you go, which will still get you to your goal, but which will take you longer to get there with less frequent visits; or

3) you could invest in a series of trainings, save money with a multi-lesson package, and achieve your goals sooner.

For the greatest effect, we recommend weekly lessons until you reach your training goals, and then periodic training to keep your skills sharp.  We offer many options; the choice is yours!

Enough with the quick fixes! If you’re ready to discover the secrets to a healthier golf swing for life, then start with a golf swing analysis from Golf Swing Prescription.  Our PGA-certified professionals will help you achieve long-term improvement, better misses, better scoring, and greater joyment of the game.  And we’re the best value in the business.  But don’t take our word for it—check out our website or drop us a line for more information.  We look forward to talking with you about how we can start you on the road to a better golf game for life!

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